Ruthia's Tradepost

i will take anything iKON, Winner, NU'EST, Daehwi. feel free to take them (please take them) (i wont be sad)
iKON count: 184
WINNER count: 200
NU'EST count: 9
Daehwi count: 19
MOBB count: 12
look (a starlight night)
DO NOT offer me cards from this pile! But pls look at them! Aren't they cute!

ikontact time
junhoe: my favorite words are "free" and "pizza"
chanwoo: your free pizza is cancelled

winner city
seunghoon: he told me i'm his favorite employee, so now i'm the head of the marketing department
seungyoon: you're the ONLY employee in the whole company

ใ„ดใ…‡ใ……ใ…Œ record
minhyun, talking about dongho: i didn't want to see that boob. i told him not to show me but he said "no, i'm going to show you"

daehwi: i don't have a shrine to Minhyun. i didn't sacrifice Wanna One to Minhyun. i never summoned Satan for Minhyun. i've never done anything weird for Minhyun. i promised myself i wasn't going to make apology videos so i'm just trying to be as honest with this as possible

mobb house
hanbin: why don't you wanna do mobb with bobby anymore?
mino: i can't take all the crying
hanbin: bobby doesn't cry that much!
mino: it's me. i'm the one crying